Save big when you pre-pay for the 2019 season in advance!

At Mosquito Joe of Coastal Georgia, we take our job of keeping yards itch-free seriously and we want to make sure your family is prepared for the upcoming 2019 season. Whether your mosquitoes hide for the winter or stick around all year, you can take advantage of our pre-pay discount!

What are the benefits of pre-paying for your mosquito season?

  • Save big on mosquito, tick and flea control so your family can enjoy being outside.
  • You can enjoy your summer months without worrying about ongoing mosquito control payments.
  • Enjoy an itch-free yard all summer long!
  • Get the kids outside – who needs a babysitter with an itch-free yard?

This special pre-pay offer will end on April 15th, so call today! With our satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose…except mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, and we doubt you’ll miss those.

*This offer is only valid for Mosquito Joe of Coastal Georgia. To see what discount your local Mosquito Joe is offering, visit and type in your zip code.