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Steven S
Feb 12, 2020

Langdon C
Dec 21, 2019

We are very happy with this service results and the technicians are all very courteous and professional. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Becky P
Nov 27, 2019

I was a little late starting this service, but, so far it seems to be doing a great job! the spring time service will be the proof. I intend to continue the service. thanks

John W
Nov 26, 2019

Sally W
Nov 24, 2019

Linda S
Nov 22, 2019

Very happy with Mosquito Joe. We couldn't go out of the house without being swarmed by mosquitoes. They were getting in the house and the cars. We all had mosquito bites. Especially our granddaughter, and that is not exceptible. Mosquito Joe did the trick. Money well spent.

Annette K
Nov 17, 2019

Steve L
Nov 10, 2019

Hello guys, I know y'all sprayed the yard on Monday, but the dang mosquitoes were worse than I've ever seen them since living here for 32 years. This is the first time your spray did not help at all. Everyone on the Island was complaining and we only had one environmentalist complain about the spraying, and they are usually all over those posts. The county was supposed to spray on Tuesday, but due to weather conditions last week they didn't spray until Friday. They made life miserable outside and we had more come inside than ever before and were killing them constantly indoors. They weren't the big ones, but the smaller ones that are harder to see and harder to kill. Friday was the coolest day we've had yet so I don't know what took the mosquito population down. But hopefully, it's gone down and will stay down.

Judy U
Nov 05, 2019

Austin H
Nov 04, 2019
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